You had nine very long months of waiting 

With tiredness, aches and piles  

Not one bit of your body was private 

But now you’re full of smiles   


Your bladder was the size of a peanut 

While you felt like a whale 

People kept coming up to touch your bump 

Telling you their grim tale 


You didn’t want to hear about the pain 

Already full of dread 

And you wailed you wanted to change your mind 

On the hospital bed 


An angel gave you an epidural 

Which gave you breathing space 

But when they came at you with salad tongs 

Then you screamed down the place 


But all that will be erased from your mind 

When you look at your boy 

The gorgeous child you brought into the world

Who’ll give you so much joy 


Say goodbye to sleep, now your life will change 

But only for the best 

You’re thrilled you have this baby 

And glad that you are blessed