After months of practice the day is finally here

When you mount the Bimah and recite the Maftir

Maybe you’ve agreed to do the Haftorah too 

And then regretted that you had so much to do


Too late now, you think, as you put on your new suit

You’ll cringe when aunties say ‘oh doesn’t he look cute’.

In smart navy blue, white shirt, and blue skinny tie 

And fancy kippot for grandpa, dad, you and Si


The Rabbi meets you at shul and gives a high five 

He’s cool this man and it’s thanks to him you’ll survive

Lots of men say ‘mazel tov!’ as they shake your hand

But they’re a blur as your brain’s in another land


Apparently it has never been so quiet

Then at the end The sweets rain down in a riot

You don’t remember much of the actual event

But it is smiles all round as you make your descent


You go to kiss your mum; phew - she isn’t crying 

Out of all that would be the most mortifying 

The rabbi talks but it doesn’t go on too long 

And at last it is time to sing Adon Olam 

Kiddush follows but you are too fired up to eat

Then the shul bit is done, but it isn’t complete


That evening there is a party, just a small do 

More to celebrate, not a gross ‘must outdo you’. 

After all isn’t this a spiritual life span 

To honour the time when a boy becomes a man