Yay! You’ve moved into your new house at last 

Congrats are surely due 

You’ve got through one of the most stressful times 

That life can throw at you 


First the viewings, up to four times a day 

Rush round, tidy and clean 

Ram things in cupboards, get rid of the kids 

But no one seemed that keen 


At last thank goodness a buyer was found  

So you bought your new place 

But wouldn’t you know, your buyer backed out 

Now you were in a race 


It was lucky a nice family came 

And bought your house instead 

Now it was time to do all the packing 

For moving day ahead 


When the removal van didn’t turn up 

Your nerves were rather frayed 

But the neighbour knew a man with a van 

Who then came to your aid 


Of course the estate agent disappeared 

When you needed the key 

And there you were surrounded by boxes …

but which one had the tea?