I couldn’t have done it without you  

When we upped our family birthrate  

Number two was on their way 

And really, you were great 


It’s not as if it was new for you 

You’d seen it all before 

Or been there I should say 

As then you focused on the floor 


This time you came nearer  

‘Up here by your head is best 

I’ll tell you what’s going on 

Now you just try and rest’. 


‘Rest! I’m in pain you fool.’ 

A contraction made me shout 

‘All right, all right, no need to yell 

And that’s my thumb you’re pulling out’.


  You slapped cold flannels on my face 

And stroked my back too hard 

Then told me when to breathe… 

I swear next time you’re barred 


When I was starving afterwards 

You took the toast right off my plate 

Oh, who cares about about hunger 

Really, you were great.